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The Find Menu helps you search for medications in your formulary and in the FDA NDC database. To open the Find Menu, click the Find Button below your formulary on the main screen.

To find a medication, type or scan information into the Find Field and click the Search Button. All medications that match the information in the Find Field will appear of the list. Medications found in your Formulary will have a Source of MILT, and selecting one will open that medication. Medications found in the FDA NDC database will have a Source of FDA. Selecting one of these medications will fill the FDA data into the Data Fields you selected on the Settings - Fields Menu.




Type text or scan a bar code into this field.  This text will be used for the search.


Choose Formulary to only search your MILT Formulary, FDA NDC / HC DPD to only search the FDA / HC data, or All to search in both.

NOTE - Starting with Build 4011, MILT 4 supports both the FDA NDC database or the Health Canada Drug Product Directory (HC DPD) database as a source of information for new drugs to add to your formulary.  You can switch between either of these sources in Settings - General.


The Search Button will start the search for the information you entered or scanned in the Find Field.

The Select Button will cause the selected entry to appear in your Data Fields on the Main Screen.

The Update Button allows you to update the FDA NDC database.

The Help Button displays basic help information about the Find Menu.  If you choose "More Information...." you will come to this page for full documentation.


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