HP Printers - Toner Smearing Resolution

Don Lawson -

HP is aware of issues with toner adhering to heavier label stock, like our Lid-Label Covers, with some of their newer models.

Their resolution is to set the paper type to Label or Heavy. Normally, you could just do this in the Windows printer driver. With their newer models it must be done using the printer's Embedded Web Server.

The following instructions to resolve the issue have been generalized to account for the different models we have encountered and cured. 

  1. Connect your printer via the ethernet port to your network.
  2. If you do not know the IP Address of the printer, print a Printer Configuration sheet from the Settings Menu on the printer itself. 
  3. Open your web browser then type in the IP Address of the printer.
  4. Find a setting for Paper Type and change it to Label or Heavy.
  5. Apply these settings.
  6. Print a label to test results.


NOTES FOR ADVANCED USERS: With almost all printers there are three places where you can set preferences like Paper Type; the Windows driver, the physical printer interface, and the Embedded Web Server. For some makes and models of printers, one of the three will ignore all the others. For the newer HP models, that one is the Embedded Web Server.

If you experience issues accessing the Embedded Web Server of your printer, here is HP's guide: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/ish_2029438-1929621-16


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