Update 4013 (from 4003-4012 Only)

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Release Notes:

NEW - Tall Man Lettering Feature: This optional feature offers to format known drug names in the tall man lettering style (e.g. DOPamine instead of DOPAMINE) as recommended by the FDA and ISMP.

NEW - CDC NIOSH List Matching Feature: This optional feature compares new and saved medications to the CDC NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, 2016. If a match is found, the user is notified that this medication may potentially be hazardous to handle.

NEW - Auto-Lot Feature: By user defined rules, Auto-Lot generates an incremental or random lot number at print time, and stores that number in a dedicated field so it can be recalled in the electronic log.

NEW - Database Timeout Feature: The Softer Database Locking Feature introduced in Update 4012 to minimize database corruption caused performance issues in some environments. The new Database Timeout Feature still helps prevent database corruption, but at less performance cost, and it can be adjusted to balance safety/performance to suit your needs.

NOTE - After 2/27/2017, Update 4013 was improved with two enhancements and is now 4013.1.  Even if you already have 4013 installed, you can still run the update below to get 4013.1.

NEW - Automatic Database Repair (4013.1): If your database becomes corrupted, MILT will diagnose and repair the database file for you.

NEW - Automatic DPI Checking (4013.1): MILT Software only supports screens set for 96 DPI (dots per inch.) This latest update will inform you if your screen resolution is not supported, and offer instructions for fixing the issue so MILT works properly.

FIXED - Bar Code - Application Identifier "(01) NDC" was not always padding leading zeros correctly.

FIXED - Bar Code - Changed ASCII Encoding to ECC 200 Mode for the Data Matrix Bar Code to improve scanning accuracy.

FIXED - Backups - Repaired code to address a specific sequence where a failed backup could leave a user logged in with elevated permissions.

FIXED - Sorts - Added Default Sort Settings to address issue where some imported users would appear to have an empty formulary on first login.

FIXED - Performance - Program now only checks for new printers when launching which improves performance on the Template and Preview steps.

FIXED - Performance - Program now loads label icons from local install instead of published network folder which improves boot time in a shared database environment.

FIXED - Label Menu - Removed SAVE button that was no longer necessary.

FIXED - Settings Menu - Removed TEMPLATE button that had been disabled and provided no functionality.

FIXED - Label Margins - Changed report settings so LDF100 and LDF200 will no longer spill over to the next page.

FIXED - Label Margins - LFD100-T and LDF200-T Maximum Top Margin decreased to stop spill over to next page.

FIXED - Help Menu - Manual Button now points directly to the online documentation.

FIXED - Date Formats - Added ability to use periods as separators (i.e. 2016.11.25) for European users.


  1. Current build must be 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007, 4008, 4009, 4010, 4011 or 4012 (check Help - About for your build number). If you are on a build lower than 4003 you must uninstall and re-install from here: MILT4DEMO.exe (Version 4013)

  2. If this is the first 4013 install in your environment, close MILT 4 on ALL computers first.

  3. Download and run: MILT4013.exe
    NOTE - If you receive an error, find the downloaded file, right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator"

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

  5. If you have MILT installed on more than one computer, open MILT once on this first computer to update the database.  Then repeat Step 3 on each computer where you have MILT 4 installed (MILT only needs to be closed on the computer you are updating after the first one.)
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