Update 4011 (from 4003-4010 Only)

Don Lawson -

Public Release Date:


Release Notes:

NEW - Health Canada DPD Database: In addition to being able to look up new medications in the FDA NDC database, you can now also look up new medications in the Health Canada DPD database.

NEW - RSSLimited CCA Bar Code (AKA GS1 Databar Composite): This bar code encodes the NDC in GS1 format (01000+NDC) in the 1-D portion, and the expiration date (17YYMMDD) and lot (10LOT) in the 2-D portion.  Most scanners need to be programmed to read the 1-D part and then activated to read the 2-D CCA part.

NEW - Database Update Check: After updating one computer to version 4011, MILT checks to make sure no other computer has your database open so it can extend the database to include new fields for new features and settings.  If another computer has the database open, MILT will warn you and close.  The update only needs to run one time per database.

FIXED - Roles - Role setting added to allow or disallow users the right to change the margins for labels.

FIXED - General - Date Comparison feature now ignores differences of less than 1,439 minutes (11 hours and 59 minutes) as print time.

FIXED - Prompt - Prompt for text screen now allows F12 to insert Auto-Text

FIXED - Medication Tab - Font for field names changed to bold for easier reading.

FIXED - General - When Calc 2 is not activated MILT no longer records a calculation type for Calc 2 to the log.

FIXED - Database - All roles do not have Pre or Post Check Required checked by default.

FIXED - LDF100-T, LDF200-T & LDS302-T Labels - Size of label and margins adjusted to make printing easier.

FIXED - Label Tab - If MD240 is not an active label, MILT selects the first label on the list of labels when launching.

FIXED - Template Tab - Background items can no longer be selected and moved by accident.

FIXED - Medication Tab - Selecting a medication from the formulary does not occur unless you are selecting from the lowest level of the tree (prompt feature was launching before you selected a medication.)

FIXED - Dates - Date formats with dot separators (.) would cause an error when saving to the database. Now stores dots (.) as slashes (\) and converts back when reloaded to the screen.

FIXED - French Translations - French Translations added for the Reject Post-Check screen.


  1. Current build must be 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007, 4008, 4009 or 4010 (check Help - About for your build number). If you are on a build lower than 4003 you must uninstall and re-install from here: MILT4DEMO.exe (Version 4011)
  2. Close MILT 4 on all computers
  3. 64 Bit Windows - Download and run:  MILT4011-64.exe
    OR - 
    32 Bit Windows - Download and run: MILT4011-32.exe 
    NOTE - If you receive an error, find the downloaded file, right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator"
  4. Open MILT 4 on this computer so it can update the database.
  5. Repeat Step 3 on each computer where you have MILT 4 installed.
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