Can't Preview Thermal Labels on XP Computer

Don Lawson -

Users of MILT 4 on XP may not be able to print or preview thermal labels if they are not members of the Local Administrators group. The easiest fix is to make them members of this group. If your policies do not allow users to be made Local Administrators, there is a workaround:

1. Create a special user who is a local admin on the computers. Only IT needs to know the password for this user.
2. Create a windows shortcut with this target - C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /savecred /user:DOMAIN\USER "C:\Program Files\Medidose\MILT4\MILT40.exe" (Replace DOMAIN\USER with your domain and the special user name.)
3. On the first launch, you will be prompted for the password for the special user entered above (NOTE – you will not see any characters appear as you type in the password.) This information will be saved and will not be required each time you launch.
4. Users open the program with the shortcut each time. Only the program is running as this special user – not all of Windows.

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