Pre-Check Approval

Don Lawson -

The Pre-Check feature stops users from printing until they get approval.  All installations of MILT must be at least Build 4010 or higher for Pre-Check to work.

To require someone to get approval before they print, go to Settings-Roles and add "Pre-Check Required" to their role:

To allow someone to approve jobs, go to Settings-Roles and add "Can Approve" to their role:

When the user who is required to get approval tries to print, the Pre-Check Required screen will appear:

They will not be able to print the job until someone who is allowed to approve jobs enters their Login Name and Password. If they cancel this screen, all the settings and work they have done will still be unchanged, but the job will not print.  If there are errors, they can cancel this screen, fix the issues, and then try to print again. MILT does not keep a record of canceling this screen, but it does record who approved the job in the electronic log.


If a valid Login Name and Password of a person who can approve jobs has been entered, the OK Button will proceed with printing the job and record who approved it in the electronic log.

The Help Button displays basic help information about the Clear Data Fields Menu.  If you choose "More Information...." you will come to this page for full documentation.

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