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Application Identifiers (AI) are strings of characters included in bar codes to identify each item in the bar code. These are common in bar codes that have several pieces of information, like NDC, Beyond-Use Date and Lot Number.  Some, like (01) NDC or Product Code, are based on international standards. With this feature, you can edit how MILT will treat data when it is read from a bar code, or how it will format the data when making the bar code.

The name of the AI

Scanner Code
The characters MILT will look for in a bar code, or will add to the beginning of the data when it creates the bar code.

Data Type
You can choose Numeric, Alpha-Numeric, or Date as the type of data MILT should expect or create. If you choose Date, you can also set the format for that date.

Number of Characters
This is where you tell MILT the minimum and maximum number of characters to expect or create.

Pad to Maximum Size
These setting will tell MILT to pad your text with a character of your choosing to a set size. For instance, (01) pads zeros before the NDC until it is 14 characters long.

Available For

These checkboxes turn on and off the Reading, Writing and/or Searching of this AI in MILT.

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