Approval - Rejection

Don Lawson -

Approval is an optional step where a pharmacist would record their approval or rejection of the print job before it goes to the log. Some facilities use this step to replace their paper log book. You should check with your state and other governing organization(s) before you stop using your paper log book.

A   Roles who are allowed to approve print jobs can click on the Approve button to view this tab. Note that if approval is not required for a role then the print jobs will go straight to the log as approved by themselves.  Also, users who cannot approve their own jobs will only see other people’s jobs here.

B   Print jobs waiting to be approved can be selected here by going forward and backward through the list of jobs... 

C   …or selected directly from this drop-down list.

D  Click Approve to approve the job. It will be recorded with your initials and the time of approval in the log. Click Reject to reject the job. You will be able to select a reason for the rejection and this information will be recorded in the log.

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