MILT 3.0 - Windows Permissions Errors

Don Lawson -

MILT 3.0 needs users to have WRITE permissions to C:\Program Files\MILT30\ and its sub-folders.  If you do not have WRITE permissions, you will experience some or all of these symptoms: 

  • "Requires updateable query..." error message
  • Error when printing
  • Error when saving changes
  • Prints the same drug every time

To add WRITE permissions for all users:

  1. Open C:\PROGRAM FILES folder
  2. Right Click on MILT30 folder - choose PROPERTIES
  3. Choose the SECURITY TAB
  4. (Windows 7 Only) Click EDIT
  5. Choose USERS on top half and then add WRITE permission on bottom half
  6. XP ClickAPPLY - Windows 7 click OK
  7. Click ADVANCED
  8. (Windows 7 Only) Click CHANGE PERMISSIONS
  9. Remove check from "Include inheritable permissions..." and then choose ADD or COPY when prompted
  10. Add check to "Replace all child object permissions..." and then choose OK
  11. Choose OK on all screens

* NOTE - If you have your database published to a network folder, you will need to perform the above steps on that folder also.

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