MILT 3.0 - Laser Printer Issues (Toner Smears or Flakes)

Don Lawson -

Some of our heavier label stock can experience feed or toner adhesion issue on some laser printers.  If you are using a multi-tray printer, try printing the labels through the “manual feed” tray. The less turns the labels have to go through, the better.  You can also take a look at the driver settings so the printer knows it is printing labels versus just plain paper.

  1. Open your <START> menu and select <PRINTERS AND FAXES>  (If you are running Windows 7, select <DEVICES AND PRINTERS>) 
  2. Right click on the printer icon that you are having trouble with and choose <PRINTING PREFERENCES>
  3. For most printers, the media type can be found under the “PAPER” or “PAPER/QUALITY” tab  (it will be listed as “Paper type” or “media type” for example)
  4. Change the setting to <LABELS> and choose <APPLY> (this option will reduce the speed inside the printer to avoid jams)
  5. Proceed to test
  6. If the labels are still jamming, follow steps 1-3 and choose <CARDSTOCK>  (this will reduce the speed of the printer even further and is usually the slowest setting)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do NOT see any of the settings/options listed above, please use the recommended driver, which is PCL5 or PCL5e (NOT PCL6!)

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