MILT 3.0 - Update - 3.0.04a

Don Lawson -

Release Notes:
  • Inline Update - All existing data and Label Patterns remain after update.
  • New Functions- Include quantity printed, a sequential number for each print job, a sequential number for each label, and random numbers on your label patterns.
  • New Thin Barcode Size - 1/4" thinner than the regular 1" barcodes for easier scanning on smaller circumference bottles.
  • New Pattern Browser - Ready-made patterns that you can install and edit.
  • New Training Movies - Easily learn how to use the advanced features of MILT 3.0 with onscreen instructions.
  • New Date Validation Option - If turned on, MILT verifies that the packaged expiration date is less than or equal to the manufacturer's expiration date.
  • New Oval Lid-Label Cover Sheet - Support for our new Oval Lid-Label Cover Sheet.
  • New Line Tracing Label - Support for our new Line Tracing Label.
  • New Date Formats - "MMM" format prints the abbreviated month name (Jan, Feb, etc.)
  • New Keyboard Support - Text items in a Label Pattern can be moved with arrow keys for easier control.
  • Known Issue Resolutions -
    • Lookup Menu - Better lookup results with 10 digit NDC numbers.
    • Save New Pattern - Copies existing barcode information to new pattern.
    • Zoom - Label Pattern Zoom stays active when you switch label types.
    • Justify - New Label Pattern Items are left justified by default.
    • Workflow/Rights - Correction of issues with complex workflow/rights settings.


  • We strongly recommend that you backup your database before you run the update (Tools - File - Backup).

  • This is not the full program.  You must install the program from a CD before you can run this update.

  • Your current version number, which can be found on the Login Screen, must be at least Version 3.0.03d.

1. Close MILT 3.0.  If you have MILT 3.0 on multiple computers and they are sharing a database, close MILT 3.0 on all computers before you begin the update.
2. Click here to download the update: MILT3004a.exe
3. On the "File Download - Security Warning" screen, choose <RUN>


4. On the "Security Warning" screen, choose <RUN>
5. On the "WinZip Self-Extractor" screen, choose <UNZIP>


6. If you are using MILT 3.0 on more than one computer, verify that you can log in on this first computer, then close the program and repeat the update on the other computers.
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