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Micro Automation offers conscientious product support. Customer service is always one-on-one, and requests for software customizations, particularly for custom label formats, will be considered. "Bug" reports will be posted here as soon as they are discovered and "bug" fixes posted soon after. If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed, please take the time to emailMicroAutomation@att.net with a detailed description of your problem. If you cannot receive support via e-mail or you are experiencing a problem that requires immediate attention, please call Don Wolfe, Micro Automation support, at (253) 227-3133.

Known Issues:

  • Error 9 - Subscript out of range while printing: This error has occurred when batch printing IV labels and will cause the batch print job to halt. It has been reported only for the Hospital version of the IV Profile/Label software, but it could possibly occur in the Home Care version, as well. 
    • The cause: Occasionally users will accidentally embed control characters in the Order Schedule field. The printer driver does not know how to handle these characters and will halt with the above error. 
    • The fix: If you experience this problem, determine the IV order for the next label that should have printed when the print job halted. Either delete the offending IV order and re-enter it, or alternatively, edit the order by "blanking" the Schedule field (press CTL-B while the cursor is in the Schedule field) and re-enter the appropriate due times. 
  • Error 6 – Overflow: This error can occur with older versions of EPS-IV 7.0HC. The cause: The variable originally defined for the value of prescription numbers cannot accommodate values greater than 32,767. 
    • The fix: If you experience this problem, please contact Don Wolfe, Micro Automation support, immediately. The only resolution to this problem is to obtain a more current version of EPS-IV 7.0HC.
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