MILT 3.0 - Windows 7 - 32 BIT

Don Lawson -

To install MILT 3.0 on Windows 7 32 BIT:

  1. Log onto computer as an ADMINISTRATOR
  2. Install MILT 3.0 from CD
  3. Correct Permissions for all users:
    1. Click START MENU
    2. Choose COMPUTER
    3. Open C:\ 
    4. Open PROGRAM FILES folder
    5. Right Click on MILT30 folder - choose PROPERTIES
    6. On the SECURITY TAB click EDIT
    7. Choose USERS on top half and then add WRITE permission on bottom half - click OK
    8. Back on SECURITY TAB click ADVANCED
    9. On Advanced Screen click CHANGE PERMISSIONS
    10. Remove check from "Include inheritable permissions..." and then choose ADDwhen prompted
    11. Add check to "Replace all child object permissions..." and then choose OK
    12. Choose OK on all screens
  4. Run Update 3.0.04a

If you are on version 3.0.05e, repeat steps 5-12 on folder C:\ProgramData\Application Data\medidose\MILT30

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