MILT 3.0 - Update - 3.0.03d

Don Lawson -

NOTE:  To install this update you must have Admin Rights.

If your IT Department had to install MILT, they need to run the update.

Overview: This is not the full program.  You must install the program from a CD before you can run this update.  Update 3.0.03 will make a backup of your database and install the new program files.  After the update, you will need to import your data from that backup file.  Your formulary, log and user data will import, but your patterns and settings will need to re-entered manually.
1. Click here to begin the update:  Update3003.bat
2. On the "File Download -- Security Warning" screen, choose <RUN>

3. A black DOS window will appear.  When it is done, press any key to close that window.

4. Click here to continue the update: MILT3003.exe
5. On the "File Download -- Security Warning" screen, choose <RUN>

6. On the "Internet Explorer -- Security Warning" screen, choose <RUN>

7. On the "WinZip Self-Extractor" screen, choose <UNZIP>

8. Open MILT and import your data from the backup file:

 "C:\Program Files\MILT30\yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss-MILT30.mdb

"yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss" = Date and Time when you ran the Update3003.bat file in step #1

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