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Functions are text items you can add to your templates that will dynamically change for each print job.


Choose a name for your function. We suggest you name your functions like we did (fxNAME) so they are easy to spot on your templates.


Choose a description that would make sense to your staff.


There are three types of functions:

  1. Series - A list of text items
  2. Incremental - A number or date
  3. Random - A random number/text item


If yes to prompt, users will be prompted to select the initial value at print time.

NOTE - The rest of the fields change depending on the Type selected above.

Items: (Series)

The list of items to cycle through at print time.

Increment By: (Incremental, Random) 

Choose by Dose or by Print Job

Style: (Incremental)

Choose Numeric or Date.  For Numeric you will select a start number and a number to increment by.  For Date you will select how to increment and a format for the date.

Digit 1-8: (Random)

Choose Alpha, Numeric or Alpha-Numeric for each digit you want in your random item.

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