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On the Dates Menu you create date calculations that can be used to automatically calculate dates for you each time you select a medication from your formulary.  When you save a medication to the formulary it remembers the date calculation chosen for that medication.


Choose a name for your Date Calculation.  The name should be meaningful to your staff, like 60 Days calculates Today Plus 60 Days.


Choose a format for your Date.  When this Date Calculation is used the date will be formatted this way on screen and on the printed label.


Displays today’s date and/or time in the format you selected above.


Select a calculation type for this date.  If you choose Today Plus you will be able to select the number of Years, Months, etc to add.

Rounding (4014 or Higher)

If desired, you can set MILT to round calculated dates to the Last Day of Month, First Day of Month, or (None) to turn off rounding. 

Expert User Note

If the format you need isn’t on the list, go to Settings-General-Manage Date Formats to edit the list of available format.  When you come back here, the new format will be available.

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