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MILT 4 can import the Formulary, Log and Users from your MILT 3.0 database.


In MILT 3.0, go to TOOLS – NETWORK to find the location of your current MILT 3.0 database.  Then browse or enter that location here.


You can choose to include the Formulary, Log and/or Users in the import.

MILT 3 Authority = MILT 4 Role

In MILT 3, you had three levels of users: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW.  In MILT 4, you can have an unlimited number of Roles, each with their own settings.  For the users being imported, you can match the old authority with a new role here.


  • If you import users MILT 4 will automatically set the SUP user password to MEDI and turn on "Login Required."  Go to Settings - Users to change the SUP password, and to Settings - General to turn off "Login Required" if desired.
  • Log import will be limited to the prior three years data.
  • For versions prior to MILT 3.0, please contact us for assistance with the import.
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