Automatic DPI Check (Update 4013.1)

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Automatic DPI Check (Update 4013.1)

The MILT software only supports 96 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. There is a feature in some versions of Windows that will increase the DPI to make things looks larger on screen. If this feature is active, MILT will not display or print labels correctly.

You can see the issue on the main screen of the program shown below, where the Formulary and the Data Fields do not fill the parts of the screen that are reserved for them.





The following process will show you how to fix this issue, and then if desired, how to change your screen resolution to make items larger in a way that will still work with MILT.

  1. This process will require a log off. Close other programs you have open and save your work now.
  2. Right-Click on your desktop background and choose Screen resolution:


  1. Select Make text and other items larger or smaller:



  1. Select Smaller - 100% and then Click the Apply button:


  1. Select Log off now:


  1. After you log back into Windows, MILT will work properly, but everything else may appear smaller than it did before. Only if you need to make things larger, follow the rest of these instructions.


  1. Right-Click on your desktop wallpaper and choose Screen resolution:


  1. Click the drop-down list called Resolution and select one of the choices that are named (i.e. 1600 x 900.) The unnamed choices will not be the right proportions for your physical screen. The lower numbers will make things larger, the higher numbers will make things smaller.



  1. Click Apply or OK to save your changes. If you are not happy with the resolution, repeat steps 7 and 8 until the setting work for you.


*NOTE* This Windows feature is user specific. You may have to change this setting for each user who logs onto this computer.

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