CFG Files

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CFG Files

There are two configuration files that MILT uses to find the files it needs to operate:

MILT40EXE.cfg – This file was created to accommodate newer versions of Windows where the default settings will not allow the editing of files in the Program Files directory without elevated permissions. The only purpose of this file is to point to the other CFG file where MILT maintains settings and file location information. This file has to be in the directory where the MILT40.exe is located (usually C:\Program Files\Medidose\MILT40\ on 32 Bit, or Program Files (x86) on 64 Bit.) By default, it has one line that points to C:\ProgramData\Medidose\MILT40\.  In rare cases, customers have created multiple installs of MILT on one computer, with each one pointing to a different database. This cfg file would help with that rare scenario.

MILT40.cfg – This is the main configuration file and is located by default in C:\ProgramData\Medidose\MILT40\ (note that ProgramData is a hidden folder by default, but can be easily accessed by entering C:\ProgramData\ in the address bar.)

Each line has a setting, and can’t have blank spaces before or after the value on that line. The purpose of each line follows:


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