Using MILT 4 - Advanced - Reports (Optional)

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Users who are assigned to a Role that is allowed to view reports can click on the Report button to create and print reports.  The toolbar buttons at the top of the report works just like the one described in the section on previewing a label.

There are two types of reports: the Packaging Log report, which contains all the approved or reject print jobs, and the User Activity report, which contains all the user activity recorded by MILT.


Expert Tip: By going to Settings-Export, this same information can be exported to a CSV file which can be manipulated in Excel to suit your needs.

Reports – Packaging Log

The Packaging Log - Detail Style displays three records per portrait page. The left side has all the details from the Data Fields, the right has information about the print job and approvals, and the center provides a space to affix a printed log label.



The Packaging Log - Summary Style displays a more condensed version of each print job with 11 records per landscape page, but does not contain a space to affix a printed log label. 


The following options are available to select and sort the data for this report:

Sort – Select the Data Field for the sort order of the report. You can select up to three Data Fields to sort. The report will create a total at the end of each sort group.



Filter - You may filter the report to limit it to specific data. First choose a Data Field you want to filter. Next, choose to filter either exact data, data that begins with, data that ends with, or data that contains what you enter in the third field. Only information that matches this filter will appear in the report. NOTE - To filter by any of the date fields use the Date options described in the section below.




Status – Select Approved for all approved jobs, or Rejected for all rejected jobs. If you are not using Pre-Check or Post Check, then all jobs have been automatically "Approved."



Date – Select the date field that will be used to limit the report with the From and To fields.



Style - Select whether you want to produce a Packaging Log - Detail or a Packaging Log - Summary report



Verify - Check the box if you want the report to scan for changes made to the data after the initial print job.



Click Preview to view your report, and/or Print to print a hard copy.

Verify Process

After Update 4014, every time you print a label, MILT processes all of the text that will be stored in the log through a mathematical algorithm that creates a Secure ID. If you have checked Verify when previewing or printing a report, MILT will test all the text for each log entry against the Secure ID to verify the text has not been tampered with since it was created.  

Verify Results

If you turn on the Verify options, your reports will test the data to see if it has been altered since the original print job, and test to make sure no log records have been deleted from your database.


VERIFY (NO DATA) - The print job occurred before updating MILT 4 to 4014.



VERIFY PASSED - The data has not been altered since the initial print job.



VERIFY FAILED - The data has been altered since the initial print job. In this example the Generic field was changed.



Archive: PDF - To see the initial print job and understand why it failed verification, you can click the PDF link. This PDF can be saved, copied, transfered and even emailed to someone, but it can't be printed for security reasons. NOTE - Turning on Archive, and the settings for how long to retain the files, can be adjusted in Settings - General (Update 4014 or higher)



Verify Results - At the end of the report, this box will show the results of the Verification, including the results of the Database test. In this example, two log records had been deleted from the database.


Reports – User Activity

The User Activity report contains a record of all important user activities that happen in MILT, like deleting a medication from the formulary, or logging into the program. This information can be useful in researching computer and operator issues.


The following options are available to select data for this report:


Events – Select “All Events” or a specific event from the list.



Users – Selct “All Users” or a specific user from the list.


Date – Select a date range in the From and To fields.


Click Preview to view your report, and then Print to print a hard copy.

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