Using MILT 4 - Advanced - Step 4: Preview

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Step 4: Preview – Advanced


The Preview tab is your final check before printing your labels. Before Update 4014, MILT automatically forced a preview before you could print a label. To improve performance, Update 4014 changed this behavior co now MILT allows you to do a preview before you print so you can be sure everything is correct, but you can now print without a preview. From this screen you can select a printer and a tray, adjust the margins, and select a quantity of doses and log labels to print. MILT remembers these settings for this type of label for you automatically.

Preview Settings – Printer, Margins and Quantity


Any printer installed in Windows will be available in MILT. MILT will automatically remember the Printer and Tray you select for this type of label when you preview or print the label.


If needed, you can adjust the margins here. Increasing the value of the Top will move all the labels down, increasing the Left will move them toward the right, and increasing the Bottom will move the Log Labels up. MILT 4 will also remember these settings. Permission to change these settings can be controlled in SettingsRoles.


Enter the number of Doses, Log 1 and/or Log 2 labels here.

Click Preview to see your label before printing, and then click Print if you are satisfied with the label.  If you need to make changes before you print, you may go back to steps 1, 2 and/or 3 at any time.


Preview – Toolbar


The toolbar at the top of the preview area has options and features that allow you to interact with the preview:

Toggle Sidebar
Turns on and off a sidebar which displays snapshots of each page.


Search for text in your preview. The first instance of the item will be highlighted, and then you can move to the next.

You can use Plus or Minus Zoom, Select a Percentage, or choose Page Width or Whole Page.

Page Type
Choose to display pages as Single, Continuous or Multiple pages.

Move to the First, Previous, Next or Last page.

Cursor Mode
Pan Mode to drag the page, Select Mode to highlight, or Snapshot Mode to copy a selected area to your Windows clipboard (paste into another program with Ctrl+V.)

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